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Free Accident Help (Live Operator 24x7)

Auto Accident App is the first and only mobile phone application to offer instant, live assistance to accident victims – 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Accident victims who are too injured or shaken up to gather information can be helped instantly – without pressing a single button! Our App incorporates a device, which automatically measures the severity of impact then depresses the device in major crash situations. Our GPS system pinpoints the location giving our live operators instant access to the accident scene by way of streaming video.


Our professional trained operators immediately bring calm to the situation by confirming the location, notifying and dispatching emergency personnel, if necessary, and walking accident victims through the information gathering process to ensure that no critical information or evidence is missed.


Our state-of-the-art app then creates a comprehensive accident report, with attached pictures and video, and composes the information into a single email that can be sent out to all necessary parties.

Exchange Information

The trauma of an accident can cause victims to forget even basic information such as their first and last name. While in this stressful condition, it is near impossible for most victims to gather accurate information.


That’s why Auto Accident App has designed the simplest system on the market today for gathering and exchanging information following a car accident. Your information is preloaded into our system, which gives you one button access to critical information you must provide to the other driver, as well as emergency personnel (i.e. insurance ID, license plate, automobile make and model, medical insurance info. etc.).


No more struggling to type under stressful conditions. The Auto Accident App provides a simple, point and click platform for you to collect information from drivers, passengers, witnesses, and police.


Additionally, the Auto Accident App is the only application that allows you to instantly notify your family and loved ones (up to five people) with just the push of a button.

Service Provider

During the aftermath of an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a tow truck to move your car, a taxi cab to transport you from the accident scene, or an injury attorney to protect your rights.


That’s why the Auto Accident App has done all the thinking for you! From roadside assistance to nearby injury attorneys, to healthcare providers, to auto repair shops, and much more, the Auto Accident App puts all accident-related service providers at your finger tips when you need them most.


Our premier mobile phone application pinpoints your exact location then creates a list of all nearby service providers. Need more assistance? Simply click “My Advisor” to be connected to a live operator, who can walk you through the process of contacting and selecting the appropriate service providers.

Additional Resources

Your thoughts are understandably scattered after the shock of an automobile accident. Still, there are important steps that you must take both immediately and in the days following an accident.


The Auto Accident App provides you with a To Do List of critical items that you must handle to ensure that both your health and financial well-being are taken care of following an accident.


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